Bridging urban London with greenbelt country-side makes High Barnet a prime target for development. Furthermore the Mayor of London's Housing Strategy and Draft London Plan sets out plans to deliver 65,000 new homes across London each year and start building 90,000 new affordable homes by 2021. Over the five years to 2021,12,255 new homes are expected to be delivered across the borough of Barnet with a further 9500 by 2026. 

Whilst we appreciate the need for housing in London and Barnet, we want to make sure that our Greenbelt land and other green spaces are protected, that new developments don't add to the overwhelming traffic and pollution, and that any new builds will be as sustainable as possible. 

There are several proposals in the pipeline that we are keeping a close eye on, and will push to ensure that they adhere with our environmental concerns. You can find details of some of these proposals below.     


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