High Barnet's abundance of green spaces is one of its unique selling points. Wherever you may be in the area, you will never be more than a stone's throw away from a park, woodlands or nature of some kind, which is indeed a luxury considering our connection to the capital. Despite this, however, access, way-finding, and upkeep limitations (not forgetting our unforgiving winters) have meant that it is not always being utilised and enjoyed to its full potential.  Together with the Barnet Society, Barnet Resident's Association, and other local groups, we want to make sure that our green spaces are as protected, accessible, enjoyable and maintained as possible, so that we can continue to reap the benefits that being near nature offers. Alongside conservation, we will also be exploring opportunities for re-wilding, greening, planting and nature play. Please have a look at the High Barnet Community Plan page to find our which green themes and project ideas are currently under consultation.  


Whalebones Park

Whalebones Park is 14 acres of green space and agricultural land in High Barnet, situated just off of Wood Street and borders Barnet General Hospital. Whalebones Park is part of the Wood Street conservation area, contains 66 tree preservation orders and  support bats, badgers, muntjac deer and Red List bird species. Sitting within a relatively congested area, it also acts as  a carbon store, helping to clean the air in the area. Despite all this, Whalebones Park is currently under threat due to negotiations to develop 11 acres of it. A recent application to build over 150 homes on the grounds has thankfully been rejected by the Council, but the plans now go to the London Mayor, who has the power to overturn Barnet Council's ruling. We need to let the Mayor know that approving this development would not only lead to the loss of wildlife habitats crucial of our local biodiversity, but it would also negatively impact the character and appearance of the area. Several alternative uses for the grounds more in keeping with our local character have been presented by Save Whalebones Park, a campaign group dedicated to protecting this pocked of green space. 

If you would like to send your objections to the Mayor of London, please email: The subject field of the email should read: GLA Planning Ref: 2019/4918/S2/S2, OBJECTION, Whalebones, Wood Street, Barnet, EN5 4BZ. Please include your name and your postal address, detailing some of the reasons why you believe the Mayor should back the local decision and reject the planning application.

Protect Our Green Spaces

Bridging urban London with greenbelt country-side makes High Barnet a prime target for development. Furthermore the Mayor of London's Housing Strategy and Draft London Plan sets out plans to deliver 65,000 new homes across London each year and start building 90,000 new affordable homes by 2021. Over the five years to 2021,12,255 new homes are expected to be delivered across the borough of Barnet with a further 9500 by 2026. 

Whilst we appreciate the need for housing in London and Barnet, we want to make sure that our Greenbelt land and other green spaces are protected, that new developments don't add to the overwhelming traffic and pollution, and that any new builds will be as sustainable as possible. 

There are several proposals in the pipeline that we are keeping a close eye on, and will push to ensure that they adhere with our environmental concerns. You can find details of some of these proposals below.