Recycling Centres

~ Cranbourne Recycling Center, 

Cranbourne Industrial Park, Potters Bar

Currently open to everyone (not just local residents)

Here you can recycle the following waste:

Automotive, building materials, cardboard, electrical, garden waste, foil glass, liquid and chemicals, metals, paper, plastic bottles, plastic packaging, textiles.

For more info click here.

They also have a Reuse Centre where you can donate household items so they don't go to landfill.

Find out more here.


~ Freecycle Barnet, 

Online Give-away site

There is also a Potters Bar group which might be more local. Click here.

Everything and anything, from furniture to clothes. Please make sure you use common sense when interacting with strangers online. Please read the organisation's rules and guidance before using. 


~ Currys PC World,

Friern Barnet Retail Park

Small electrical items: We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else.


Charity Shops on our High Street

~ Oxafm

~ Noah's Ark

~ British Heart Foundation (also collect furniture)

~ Willows