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United by a passion and commitment to raise awareness and make sustainable and ethical living easier and more mainstream, we have set up a community interest organisation that aims to do just that. We are about reducing waste, minimising plastic, fighting climate change, supporting the High Street, developing community spirit, encouraging sustainable and green practices, and making High Barnet a cleaner, greener and better place to live. 

We have so many ideas in the pipe-line that we can't wait to get off the ground. Have a look at our projects to see our on-going and up-coming campaigns. 

Check out our events to see what we are doing in the area.


What is Sustainability anyway? 

There is no universally agreed definition on what sustainability means, and many variations of the term have been coined over the years, but simplistically, sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Sustainability is currently a major issue. As the world populations continues to grow, the pressures we are putting on our natural resource bank are greater than ever. Improved technology means that good can be produced quicker and cheaper than ever before,  and as businesses compete to meet the demand of our consumer society, we risk inflicting irreversible damage on the planet.  

Sustainability, or rather the threat to, is an issue that affects all aspects of our daily lives. This "One Planet Living" framework by Bioregional helps illustrate the ten themes of environmental sustainability.


At Green Beings we hope to make sustainable living in High Barnet and beyond, more feasible, accessible and main-stream.  By working with residents, shop-owners, Councils, Government agencies and schools, our aim is to give High Barnet a complete sustainability make-over, that will benefit the community, the environment and way of life for not just our generation, but generations to come.

We thank you in advance for supporting out projects and events. We would also like to invite you to  take the sustainability challenge yourselves! It can seem daunting, but every little helps! Start with small steps, then bigger until you are a Sutainability Hero! Our Start Your Sustainable Life page is a good place to start, and you can also find inspiration and tips on our Blog.   


Being run entirely by volunteers we have no financial backing. We are hoping to secure the sponsorship of some local businesses and are in the process of applying for funding, but in order to grow and achieve maximum impact, we have also set up a Crowdfunding page  which enables the public to donate to our cause.  If you would like to  contribute, please click  on the button below. All and any donations greatly appreciated!  Have a look at our Projects and Events pages to see what we are working on and fundraising for.

Thank you!


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