Great High Barnet Spring Clean-Up - March 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Wow! What an afternoon! Thanks to all the #Litterheroes and #Littleheroes who came out in force, the streets, parks and public areas of High Barnet were left almost unrecognisably litter-free.

On Saturday 23rd March, almost 100 volunteers came together and supported the Great High Barnet Spring Clean-Up. It was incredibly encouraging and inspiring to see so many people give up their time for the cause. Children as young as 4, donning high viz vests and garden gloves, showed unwavering determination trying to get to grips (literally) with oversized litter-pickers, adamant to do their bit. Teams across the High Barnet filled up 80 bags of rubbish, with the worst offending areas being the Bus Terminus by the Hospital, the Underground ramp and verge, and Moxon Street. It was a momentous task, but so was the resolve of the local people, who felt enough was enough. You are all incredible! A huge, massive thank you!

Among the volunteers were Councillor David Longstaff and MP Theresa Villiers. They were both as appalled by all the litter as the rest of us, and assured me that they are in constant contact with the Council about this, and have been for some time. There appears to be some good news on the horizon, especially regarding St Alban’s Road, but we are all agreed that the situation is pretty rubbish. They expressed their appreciation and thanks to all the volunteers, and were impressed by the wonderful community spirit.

Two weeks on, the effects of the Clean-Up are still visible, and people continue to comment on what a difference it made. I have also noticed that the event appears to have encouraged further conversation regarding the issue of litter and rubbish in the area, and has helped instil an increasing sense of community (at least for me!). Litter has, however, started to creep back in. It appears Moxon Street is the fast-food place to be, and smokers have once again started desecrating the pavements with their frankly disgusting left-overs. We will not let this deter us, however. Keen to keep the momentum going, we will be organising 2 more litter-picks this year, one hopefully in early Summer and one early Autumn. We expect the turn out and impact to be even greater that the last one, so please keep an eye out and put the dates in your diary when they come out. We will also be taking our fight against litter to those who are deflecting responsibility, those who should be doing more, and the culprits themselves. We have many meetings lined up over the coming weeks and months, and hope to eventually be able to tackle this issue with a more long-term solution. We will keep you posted!

In the meantime, thank you again for all your support, encouragement and kind words. Without you I would just be the crazy litter lady, and none of this would be possible.

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