One of our main aims is to tackle the issue of litter in High Barnet, to make Rubbish collections as efficient as possible, and to achieve an 80% recycling rate across the ward.


From the unsightly, unhygienic and environmentally-damaging litter and fly-tipping that plagues our streets, parks and public areas, to problems with, and concerns about, household rubbish collections, the Waste Management in High Barnet currently leaves plenty to be desired. The problem is multi-faceted, and the solution even more so. Through Litter-Picks, meetings with Councillors and shop-owners, workshops and education, we hope to be able to provide a long-lasting and sustainable solution to the problems mentioned above. It will be a long road, but a worth-while one.  High Barnet has so much potential, and it would be wonderful to be able to turn it into a town that we would be proud to call our home.

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If taking part in any group or individual litter picking, please ensure you have read the Health and Safety Guidelines.