Zero-waste is a fairly new, but growing concept. By trying to adopt a zero-waste life-style, we will not only help keep the streets litter-free, but we will be preventing millions of waste items, including plastic, from ending up in landfills and polluting our seas.  In today's convenience-dominated world, zero-waste shopping is a bigger challenge than ever to say the least. We are working on several campaigns both locally and nationally to help make zero-waste shopping more accessible, cheaper and convenient. Have a look at some of our existing and up-coming initiatives, and please do get involved in any way you can! Every little helps! And our collective actions will eventually feed back to the powers that be (corporate headquarters), which is where we need to see the big changes, changes that can really make a difference.


The amount of plastic and other packaging on most of what we buy is not only totally unnecessary, but also hugely detrimental to our environment. Furthermore, packaging from take-away food and drink often ends up in a (non-recycling) bin within 10 minutes of having been bought. What a waste! To combat this we are asking shops in High Barnet to join our BYOB initiative. By displaying this poster they are encouraging you to bring your own bag, container, cutlery, straw, mug etc.  

So if you see this poster in your favourite shop, next time you visit, please feel free to bring your own bag, container, straw, flask etc. Or even better, if the facilities are there, why not take 10 minutes and eat in? 

And if you are shop owner or manager in High Barnet, you will be receiving a visit from me very soon! :) 

BYOB - Bring your own bag